Our Story

What’s more refreshing on a hot day than a gin & tonic, lime & soda, or blood orange with sparkling spring water or lemonade? And how often do you find that you’ve run out of lemons or limes in order to make them? Well, we put our minds to it (given how thirsty we always seem to be) and have created pouches of lemon, lime and blood orange juice so we can enjoy a Gin & Tonic or Lime & Soda anytime.

We wanted the juice to be as close to nature as possible so it all comes from the Mildura region and is packed into foil sachets to maintain freshness for up to 18 months. The only thing we add is 0.1% of ascorbic acid to help maintain the natural colour of the juice. How good is that?

And no need to stop there, we started using the juices in Mojitos, Margaritas or anything else we could dream up. And then we discovered how good the juices are in salad dressings, Asian cooking, for marinating meat and in cooking with fish and seafood. We’re not very good at keeping the fridge fully stocked so we just keep a pouch or two of Really Juice Squeezed handy so we never run out!

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